• Where can I download free pictures/backgrounds?
  • Where can I read up on copyright photos?


    This company is not responsible for policing protected pictures. That responsibility falls on the user uploading the picture to be used.

  • What if I receive a broken item?
    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If for any reason your product arrived damaged, please contact us for further assistance. We will need you to take pictures of the damaged product as well as the packaging it arrived in to be able to send you a replacement.
  • Do you give quantity discounts?
    No, our prices are set as low as possible. We provide the high quantity discounts even if you just buy one piece.
  • If I upload a photo and buy it but the quality of the picture is bad what will happen?
    Once we download the picture and notice a very blurry or bad picture we will contact you to discuss the options of what can be done with the picture or what your intentions of the usage is. In some cases the picture may look blurry up close but from a distance it will be very clear.
  • If I want to combine pictures and I don't know how to do this. Do you offer a service to help me?
    Yes, we have an art charge of $32 per hour. The amount of time used depends on the service needed. If just an image needs to be put on a background then that will only take about 15 minutes. The $32 per hour is charged is broken down to 15-minute increments. You will be given an estimate and you will have the opportunity to approve the picture before any items are made.
  • Do you stock the same products year after year?
    It depends on the supply. Sometimes products will be discontinued by the manufacture and we are not able to reorder. This could also happen during the year at anytime. This is why we try our best to keep the inventory counter on each item up to date on our web site.
  • Can I order more in quantity than what shows on the web site?
    Yes, but you will only be charged for what is in stock. The remaining amount will be billed once we receive more stock in. We also will keep you up to date on the backorder.
  • Do you have a store, which I may visit?
    No, I am refraining from having a store. There is way too much overhead having a store. By working out of my home I have very little overhead so I am able to offer you all my products at a low price.
  • Why do you only take PayPal?
    My mission is to keep my product costs as low as possible. PayPal helps me with my billing and my shipping so I don't have all the administrative costs.
  • Can I pay by Credit Card?
    Yes, Thru PayPal. Visit the PayPal sight to see how this is done.
  • Are all your hard items scratch resistant?
    No, All hard products will scratch easily. There is a polyester coating on them. The picture will only scratch off if you scratch the polyester all the way off the product. If an item is scratched it can be polished out with standard car polish materials and methods.
  • Can I use standard grout on the tiles?
    No, Sand grout will scratch the polyester coating. A non-abrasive grout must be used. Silicone works best.
  • Do you make T-shirts?
    No, That is not our business model intention. We do not ever intend to do t-shirts.
  • Can my photograph be enlarged to any size?

    There are limitations on how much a photo can be enlarged before the quality becomes unacceptable. A wallet size photo could not be enlarged to a 24" x 36" print for example. As a rule of thumb, we need around 300 pixels per inch. For example, if you are ordering a tile 8 1/2 x 13, we need an image that is 2500 x 3900 pixels. If we have any doubt about a picture we will contact you first to discuss our concerns.

  • What is the best file format, resolution, and image size to send?

    Jpg's work best.

  • Can you enhance or repair my photo?

    Yes. In fact, we will automatically improve your image at no charge. Our free improvements enhance the color, contrast and brightness. For an additional charge, we offer minor touch-ups and plenty of other enhancement options that will help improve your photo and maximize the quality of your finished product. We can also do custom enhancements to photos that will make your photo on canvas truly unique. If you request final approval of an enhanced or repaired photo, we will be happy to e-mail you the picture first for review before printing. If you do not request approval, you agree to accept the finished print as is.

  • What do I need to do if my picture was taken by a professional photographer?

    We require that our customers confirm that they have permission to reprint the images they provide. Because of copyright laws you need to make sure you have exclusive rights to the photo(s) or have obtained a release from the photographer or studio that originally took the picture.

  • My order is incorrect or does not look right.

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. Please send us an email for further information regarding how we can send you a new and improved product.

  • How long will my order take?

    Our production process takes a maximum of 3 weeks. However, it's not unusual for it to be done in a few days. Also allow 2-5 days for shipping, depending on where you live. The option for shipping we use is USPS Ground shipping which balances economy with speed. Of course, if you need your product sooner, please feel free to contact us. We do charge for rush orders and you will need to pay the overnight shipping charges if necessary.

  • When you print my image on metal or ceramic, will there be any discrepancies in my image's colors or quality?

    Your metal or ceramic may have slight "dimples" or imperfections; this is a natural part of the finish. We do examine each finished product and compare them to your image to make sure these tiny imperfections won't appear in a prominent position, such as on a face. We are unable to remake metals and ceramics because of these bumps on your image unless they are in a prominent area such as the face of a person. Colors may appear slightly darker or more saturated due to the nature of our printing process. Also, please remember that ceramic is hand-made and each ordainment is unique. A small part of your image may be lost on the edges if the ordainment does not allow for your entire image to be printed on. It's best to use images that do not have important pieces of the image (face, head, etc.) close to the edge.

  • How do I clean my picture?

    To keep your product photo looking it's best, carefully vacuum with a curtain nozzle to remove dust, or wipe with a lightly damp cloth. A micro cloth works best Do not rub too hard as it will scratch. If scratched use car wax to clean it up.

  • What is your return/refund policy?

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If for some reason you are not, we will gladly provide a reprint or refund of your purchase price. To request a refund, call or e-mail Picture It On This to get prior authorization within 30 days of receipt of your product.

  • Can I improve the quality of my image?

    Unfortunately we cannot improve the quality of the image. So, make sure you choose a high resolution picture.

  • How can I turn my picture into a digital photo?

    To upload your picture, it must be saved as a digital image on your hard drive. Most photo processing services can scan your photo onto a disk. You can then transfer the photo from your disk to your hard drive for uploading. Remember, the image needs to be saved in either JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp), or TIFF formats. Jpegs are most common.

  • Will the image on my product fade over time?

    In some instances, excessive exposure to heat sources can fade the picture on some of our products. This could include exposure to sunlight, hot water, warm electronics, etc.

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